Achieving Native Functionalities for a Cross-platform Mobile App

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Project Goal

Technology is playing a vital role in the growth of Casino and gambling businesses. You can notice an unprecedented rise in the number of online platforms and applications that allow players to play their favorite games directly using their smartphones and tablets. Our client was also looking for a state-of-art casino app to scale his casino business.

The aim was to provide a secure hybrid app to the users with the ability to fetch hot offers from top casinos. These offers include everything ranging from slots, dining, and more that users can avail of by visiting the casinos. We need to utilize our react native development skills to accommodate the unique and challenging requirements laid by the client.


A Hybrid app with the ability to serve both Android and iOS users was the client’s priority. We need to provide the native functionalities of both these operating systems in a single app, and it was indeed a big challenge for any mobile app development team. Thanks to the expertise of our team in GRPC technology, we are in a comfortable situation to execute and deliver the project.

To overcome the limitation of react native for native functionalities, we decided to use the Google remote procedure calls to build the native components and achieve the desired functionalities.

We created a bridge between Java and Objective C to achieve the desired functionalities using GRPC Native components in React Native. It helped us establish communication between these languages and send responses in JavaScript. Let’s look at some of the solutions we worked out during this project.

✔️ A Custom Signup and Login Page

The client wanted a secure hybrid app to maintain the integrity of users’ data. We decided to use the Auth0 tokens to fetch the GRPC APIs to verify the user credentials. We also provided an option of barcode that can be used for authentication while visiting the enlisted casinos.

✔️ Customized Home Screen for Players

The next priority was to provide an unmatched user experience. We decided to offer a highly customized and interactive home screen for the users of the client’s app. This screen displayed the Player’s level and reward points with a barcode that can be scanned to verify the player’s ID during casino visits.

✔️ Using APIs to fetch promotions on Offer Screen

The app had a separate section to display the offers/promotions live with the popular casinos in the user’s locality. We enabled it using APIs that fetch the data for promotions from casinos in different destinations. Users have an option to sort or filter these promotions as per their preferences.

✔️ Functionality to Redeem offers

As all the offers available in our app are meant to be availed during casino visits, we decided to provide a barcode functionality to remove hassles while redeeming the offers. The app generates a unique barcode for every offer once the user clicks on the redeem option. The players can get this barcode scanned to avail of the promotions through the app.

✔️ Interactive map for casino locations

Finding casinos can become a challenge, especially for the players not belonging to the locality. To keep it in check, we offered the functionality of an interactive map that can locate and mark all popular casinos or a specific casino with just a click from the mobile devices.

✔️ Push notifications for promotions and events

Letting the users know about the latest promotions was a crucial challenge. Moreover, the chances of availing of those offers rise significantly when users are aware of promotions. To ensure that users never miss any promotions, we added a push notification functionality to intimate the users of every money-saving opportunity with their favorite casinos.

Final Words

It was a great experience for our team to achieve the native functionalities for this hybrid app using the GRPC components. These features are just the tip of the iceberg, and we can achieve much more by using the latest technologies while crafting robust hybrid apps for different industry needs.

If you also want to offer such multi-platform apps to delight the users and cut the competition, our experts will be happy to help. Let’s discuss your app idea today and formulate a future-proof plan to turn it into a fully functional mobile app or web solution.

Client’s Feedback


“They were great. Completed the agreed-upon work to a high level of quality, quick responses, and professional behavior.”

J Misiak

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