A Robust Travel Advisory Platform for Visitors to Nigeria

  • Laravel / PHP
  • Travel & Tourism

Project Goal

Risks lurking in your preferred destinations often haunt your travel plans. It is crucial to analyze such risks before visiting any destination. Our client wanted a web platform that can help people visiting any state in Nigeria to know and get alerted of the risks they can face while visiting the focal locations.

The aim was to provide a one-stop solution to pay close attention to unsafe routes, black spots, local laws and customs, health conditions, and other details to decide whether traveling to that region is right or not. The portal was also supposed to provide emergency contacts in the area of visit.


After understanding the exact requirements for the platform that the client wanted to build, it was time to choose the most suitable technologies. Though we had many choices, our expert decided to use Laravel for the frontend, Vue.JS for the backend, and MySQL for creating a database.

Building a portal with the capability to display real-time data from all states of a country was not easy. However, our experience in delivering such platforms helped us figure out many unique features for this risk control platform. Let’s go through some of the solutions we implemented for this platform.

✔️ Customized Admin Dashboard

An easy-to-use and feature-rich admin dashboard are vital to ensure that this platform can serve its purpose. Our Laravel experts delivered a lightning-fast admin dashboard with the ability to update and manage the whole web portal in the breeze.

✔️ Easy Options to Add incidents, news, and more

Updating data like incidents, news, and more is vital for any risk control platform similar to the one in question. The admin dashboard we provided can help the client update all such data in the easiest manner possible. Admin can also update the official notifications and travel advisories on the platform with just a few clicks.

✔️ Manage different users and assign roles

We empowered the admin to manage the roles and assign different permissions for the users. The client can mark different roles such as support officer, data officer, subscribers, and more using the Manage Users option.

✔️ Manage States, Advisory levels, categories, and blog

We provided an option to add or remove the states as per requirements. This feature will also assist the client in adding more regions to his platform in the future. He can also edit or add advisory levels, categories, and, last but not least, his official blog.

✔️ An easy option to explore threats to destinations

We provided a search box option on the home page of the client’s website. Users are supposed to just enter the name of the state they wish to travel to and the portal will display all the relevant information for that state in milliseconds.

✔️ Travel Advisories for Users

The users or travelers can get the latest travel advisories for the states they are planning to visit. All the advisories that are displayed on this page contain threat levels so that users can make an informed decision before executing their travel plans.

✔️ Interactive Threat Map

We provided an interactive threat map for the users. This map highlights the areas where traveling can become risky for the users. It highlights the regions according to the risk levels so that users can identify the safe and dangerous places to visit easily.

Final Words

Working on this project was indeed a great experience for our team. We are happy to say that the client was satisfied with the platform we delivered. The above features are only some of the solutions we worked on for him. We also added other features like subscriptions, data analytics, and more to make it even better.

If you are also willing to offer such unique and robust platforms to your users, our experts can make this happen. Though this project was exclusively for the travel verticals, we are equally skilled in developing such platforms for other industry verticals too. Let’s get in touch and devise a perfect digital solution to match your unique needs.

Client’s Feedback


“I undoubtedly admire their work as whatever they do, is with perfection. Professionals at the Brihaspati Infotech are so qualified at picking up things and understanding one’s requirements instantly.”

Femi Ajayi

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