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A SaaS Solution To Convert Prospects into Customers

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Project Goal

The global pandemic and dispersed workforces have already forced the companies to revive the dusty back office relic of operations and lead generation. Attracting prospects to business and nurturing buying decisions have become more challenging.

One of our clients wanted to use the technology to overcome such challenges. We needed to build a SaaS solution that helps businesses to add prospects and nurture their buying decisions using knowledge sharing by existing customers.


After understanding the client’s expectations from this software, we started brainstorming the right set of technologies and decided to build this platform using React JS + Node JS. Let’s go through some of the features we provided to prospect faster, book meetings, and close more deals with less work.

Four Separate Dashboards

This SaaS solution was meant for use by different parties. Each party will have different intent for using this platform, so creating different dashboards to serve their purpose was one of the crucial things for a worthy solution.

  • Vendor
  • Sages/References
  • Prospects
  • Portal Admin

Option to add sales representatives

The vendors had the option to add sales representatives from their company/organization. The software also lets the vendors view the performance of each sale representative under him using an intuitive and rich analytical dashboard.

Rich Analytics

The vendor dashboard provides rich insights and analytics to keep track of prospects and factors to improvise for converting more prospects into paying customers.

Option to book meetings

The prospects had the option to book calls with experts/sages. They can interact with them for information/insights about the vendor’s products and services.

The experts have the option to accept/reject these booking requests. As uncertainties are everywhere, we also provided the feature to reschedule the calls with preferred sages/experts.

Option to Invite new prospects

The admin has the option to invite the prospects to the platform so that they can interact with the experts to reinforce their buying decisions. The vendor can enter the mane and email of the potential customer to invite them on the platform.

Option to choose relevant Sages/References

The prospects can refine the experts before scheduling calls using enhanced filters that we provided on the sage discovery page for prospects. They can filter the experts as per industry, ratings, region, and company size to get the intel/insights he is seeking with respect to products from the vendor’s company.

The option to invite References/Sages

Experts/References were the most significant factor behind the working of this whole SaaS platform. The platform offers an option to let the vendors invite and add happy customers as references. The vendor can send invitations to the sages using their names and email.

Option to view and manage Sage profiles

The option to view the sage profiles was provided for both vendors and prospects. Additionally, the vendor also has the option to manage the profiles of the customers/experts representing his business. He can also remove the experts from his list, but the admin still has access to the platform.

Reward Dashboard

As the experts/sages will refer business to the vendors, we provided a provision to give rewards to the Sages. The vendor and Sages can also access the reports for rewards earned and credited by referring successful leads to the business.

List view and Map view

The prospects can view the references either in the list view or the map view. The map view allows the prospects to find and connect the sages/existing customers from specific locations.

3rd Party Integration for Calendar Functionality

The calendar functionality was required to facilitate scheduling the meetings/calls between prospects and sages. Our SaaS development team integrated the Calendly App to equip our solution with this functionality.

Custom Login Page

Final Words

These were some noteworthy features of our custom SaaS solution to deliver what the client expects from this software. If you also have any such unique SaaS idea dwelling in mind, we can guide and assist you in converting it into a full-fledged real-world solution.

Client’s Feedback



The quality of work is great. They are fast and the team always comes up with suggestions on how to improve things. I would certainly recommend working with them.

Yossi G

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