Airbnb like Mobile app for Motorhome & Camping Business

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Project Goal

The Client was running a business that deals in motorhome and camping experiences for the tourists who travel to Switzerland. Though he already had a website to facilitate his customers to book the services online, he was looking to build a mobile app for his website with capabilities of offering similar services to travelers.

We undertook the role of designing and developing the app for both the iOS and Android platforms. We were handed the task of developing an app that can be managed using the web admin panel while accommodating the functionalities and features that resonate with the needs of our client’s business and his customers.


We conducted a couple of one-to-one sessions with the client to understand his requirements to bring our development process on the same page. After brainstorming the advantages and disadvantages of the technologies to consider, we decided to carry on the development of this app using React Native.

Our objective behind using React Native was to save time and money for our client by avoiding building separate native apps for iOS and Android. We developed a cross-platform app while keeping the client’s website in mind and came up with the following solutions for him.

✔️ Tailored UI for elegant User experience

The user experience is the most crucial factor for the success of any business app, and our experienced react native developer knows it. We built various custom functionalities to ensure that the app stands out from the crowd and can deliver unique experiences to the users.

Tailored UI for elegant User experience

✔️ Search function by category and equipment

We provided an enhanced functionality that facilitates the users to search the hosts by different categories and equipment preferred by the users. Our motive behind it was to ensure that the travelers get exactly what they want while using the Client’s application.

✔️ Numerous filters (toilet, shower, electricity, water, etc.)

We found that most of the apps that work in this niche lack the capabilities to choose the amenities that users prefer while booking stays or outdoor camping with online platforms in Switzerland.

To facilitate the customers with it, we created custom filters that help to sort the properties and camping sites based on amenities that the hosts are offering with the stay.

✔️ Digital membership card

The Client wanted to offer digital membership cards through his app as it is a popular trend with all major OTAs worldwide. These membership cards were able to assist the members to avail services with over 60 hosts, breweries, and restaurants in Switzerland for absolutely free.

Digital membership card

✔️ List view with all hosts

One of our experts suggested that the Client should include the list view with all hosts, and the Client liked the suggestion. Our team included a vertically scrollable collection of views where every host is positioned immediately below other hosts so that users can view the list with ease.

✔️ Detail page with information & photos from the host

To ensure that the users know every detail about the hosts present on the client’s app, we provided a detailed page for every host. This page included all the vital information about the host with photographs to help the users make the most suitable selection for outdoor campings, wineries, breweries, farms, Restaurants & camper dinners.

✔️ Interactive map

We know the importance of integrating interactive maps on travel platforms. Though the Client doesn’t want to include it, our experts discussed its viability and benefits with him to finally get his consent for it.

Our motive was to ensure that users with time constraints and less knowledge about the entry and exit points should benefit from it. The Client was happy to see how integrating this feature helped his user fit their visit to Switzerland into their overall travel plans.

Interactive map

Final Words

These features are only the tip of the iceberg, and you can avail yourself of many more custom solutions while building apps for your travel booking or OTA platforms. We evaluate your needs with practical scenarios and user preferences so that the solutions we create can provide the best results for your business.

If you are also willing to get a similar solution for your business, our experts will be happy to assist you.

Client’s Feedback


“The Saurabh team delivered the app for us. We enjoyed working with his team. They have been great to work with. Very Professional and helpful. Thank you for all!”

Ivonne Moritz, Swiss Hosts

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