Chrome Extension to Summarize Reviews and Prices For Users

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Project Goal

Product reviews play a vital role in shaping the buying decisions of modern online buyers. Considering it, our client wanted to build a Chrome extension with abilities to act as a product directory with their aggregated reviews.

The idea behind this extension was to provide a platform where users can access product reviews from multiple stores. The Chrome extension should also have capabilities to filter and summarise significant product information for the users.


After an in-depth analysis of the client’s requirements, we identified the right technologies to pave the way for the development of this Chrome extension. We decided to focus on Amazon, Walmart, and Target in the initial stages as these were among the leading eCommerce store in the world.

The client wanted to develop this extension as a go-to platform for honest product information and user reviews. Testing the feasibility of the concept was also important, so we decided to use this browser plugin for Amazon users initially. We used our expertise in Laravel, JavaScript and Manifest Version 3 to come up with following solutions:-

✔️ Implementing APIs to Fetch and display product ratings

As our initial focus was to fetch and summarise the reviews for Amazon users initially, we integrated third-party APIs to fetch the reviews from Walmart and Target. It equipped our chrome extension with ability to compare and summarise the reviews from these three online stores at one place.

✔️ Comparision and filtering of Product reviews

We used out expertise to add a feature that enable this browser plugin to compare and filter the reviews on the basis of their significance to the users. The plugin will filter all irrelevant reviews and present only the helpful reviews given by past buyers.

✔️ Suggesting Best prices to the users

Apart from presenting the most relevant reviews for the users, our custom chrome extension was also capable of comparing and suggesting the best price for a particular product. The user can compare the prices from all three online stores to get the best price/deal for product they wish to buy.

✔️ Fetching product catalogue from third party websites

Apart from fetching the revenues, we also integrated APIs to fetch the product catalogues. The motive behind doing it was to provide a unified directory to list product from the multiple online stores with aggregated reviews at a single place.

Final Words

Client was fully satisfied with the work done by our team and wanted us to develop a universal solution to access all popular eCommerce stores using this browser extension. Even the users are finding this extension helpful to build buying confidence while shopping online.

If you also have any similar idea for Browser extensions to facilitate eCommerce buyers, our team can help you create the extension that can accommodate the functionalities you thinking about. Just get in touch with one of our expert

Client’s Feedback


“I endorse The Brihaspati Infotech and their incredible team of developers. They are professional and friendly at the same time. I’m planning to collaborate with them for my upcoming products too!”


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