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Project Goal

The healthcare industry has seen a major upheaval. Hospitals have implemented technology to protect the massive volume of patient data stored digitally. Our client wanted to provide a simple mobile application for doctors that is easy to learn and saves them hours of manual labor in keeping patient records at a low cost.

The client sought to make management easier with a custom mobile app. The client also wanted to make money off of the app. He sought to limit the number of patients that a doctor may see at any given time.


To meet the demands of the client, we developed a custom patient record management application on Android from the ground that provides great UI with room for desired functions.

We scribbled down all the terms linked with the niche and developed wireframes resulting in a design that matches the client’s concept.

With the app, the physicians can manage:

  • Record of the patient
  • Appointment
  • Cost of Diagnosis
  • Invoice

✔️ Manage Patients record

Users can handle several patients at the same time with the app. Because everything is saved locally, the doctor may quickly move between the customers.

Diagnoses, invoices, and the rest of the features are completely customized for each client. Even if they’re all on one screen, the customers are still identifiable.

We devised several price plans that enable doctors to manage their accounts for a specific amount of patients. With our in-app purchase feature, they can increase the number of patients.

The price options range from a free plan (up to 10 patients) to an unlimited plan (no restriction on the number of patients managed every year).

✔️ Manage Appointments of patients

We divided the information into several tabs at the top of the page. To manage separate records of the patients, the physician can switch between them.

While developing the Android app, we included a calendar. The app also provides a detailed overview of appointment calendars, patients, and their medical histories.

✔️ Manage Procedure

We’ve included a feature called “Procedure” that accounts for all previous diagnoses given to the customer. To add a new service to the patient, the physician can simply select “Diagnosis” from the top menu.

All current and inactive diagnoses presented to the patient are listed under the “Diagnoses” tab. 

✔️ E-receipts

Doctors may also manage all of the diagnoses and rates supplied at their clinics with the help of the bespoke patient record management Android app. These entries are saved in the phone’s local storage by the app.

The Cost Type keeps track of all the diagnoses that are added. From the Procedure button at the top, the doctor can quickly add a new Diagnosis. The doctors can add the procedure name, code, and cost with ease. 

The app is ready to generate a thorough invoice the next time the physician schedules an appointment for a specific patient. The best feature is that it can assist physicians in sending the invoice to the appropriate patient. 

✔️ Offline Solution

The mobile app provides a complete offline solution. Even if there is no internet connection, the application will work perfectly. The app’s operations are entirely reliant on the doctor’s tablet, and all of the desired features are saved locally.

The only time the app may require a connection is when it is being updated. Users can use the functionality in both urban and rural areas. 

Final Words

So, this was about how we developed a patient record management app for our client. Now, doctors can easily manage the details of the patients and their details. If you also want to have a tailored mobile application then you can hire Android developer from us.

Client’s Feedback


“We have worked for about 1 year on a huge project and at every step, the team of Brihaspati  Infotech was very competent, found always the best solutions, and understood my needs. They have exceeded my expectations and I’m happy with the result.”

Juergen Bschaden
CEO & Author

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