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Project Goal

For many people, having an all-in-one camera app is still a pipe dream. Users typically use various apps to take photos, scan barcodes, annotate the contents of photos, and store them in the cloud.

Our client intended to provide a uniform out-of-the-box solution to iOS users. Therefore, the client contacted our iOS developers to develop his unique idea through the custom app.


To meet the requirements of the client, we used Tensorflow to create a custom image recognition app for iOS. Tensorflow is well-known for its ability to create AI and Machine Learning systems. Tensorflow examines each pixel in the image, as well as the pixels that are close to it.

As a result, we get information about the picture’s dominating colors and objects.

✔️ Object Detection

The app we created transforms your phone camera into a full-fledged AI lens. It can distinguish between many products in a single frame and the territory they cover.

Users can also assign tags to each object in the image. They can choose the location to be labeled, adjust the size of the tagged region, and add their text.

The AI image recognition iOS app stores photos to the cloud, along with any tags that the user adds. When you click the ”i” button at the bottom, each tag will appear in its proper location.

✔️ Color Recognition

Tensorflow analyses the wide variety of colors that dominates the image by breaking it down into smaller pixels. As a result, the app correctly determines the color that constitutes the “Primary color”

Users will find it easier to find them in the future with this functionality. They can select any color from the search panel and the corresponding image will appear on the screen.

✔️ Scanner for QR codes

We created an all-in-one camera app for iOS. In addition, the software can read all types of QR and barcodes. Simply point your phone’s camera at the QR code, and the app will scan and store it with no data loss.

✔️ Storage in the Cloud

The application may create tasks and populate them with text and media resources. The task can be anything like creating an electronic signature, adding text, image tags, and photos, QR, and barcodes. All the tasks and map locations are saved in the cloud.

Our mobile development team used Firebase to make sure that everything is saved on the cloud. 

It is a perfect solution for local on-demand businesses that require proof of delivery for transparent business operations, especially when combined with the benefits of a QR code scanner iOS app.

Final Words

So this is about the custom iOS app created with TensorFlow lite. All the functions of the custom image recognition iOS app are tailored to the client’s requirements. You can hire our iOS developer if you want to develop an app that can automate the majority of the task and streamline the entire workflow. 

Client’s Feedback


“Great job work on this SwiftUI application.”

LaSean Smith- RMV, LLC

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