Custom Shopping Cart Solution for Alcohol Brands

  • Custom Plugins
  • Integrations- 3rd Party
  • Shopify

Project Goal

Selling alcohol online has immense potential. However, stringent laws and regulations often present challenges for online stores, especially the ones that belong to Alchohol brands and are willing to exploit this opportunity.

The best example is Shopify, which prohibits store owners from selling alcoholic beverages and products using its platform.

One of our clients made up a mind to provide a solution to empower online stores willing to sell such products. He hired us with the goal to build a custom shopping cart solution that facilitates Alcohol brands to sell directly from their websites.


Apart from understanding the vision, we also need to consider the legal compliances and logistic challenges that persist in the different regions. After brainstorming to overcome challenges that can come up during the real-world operation of our solution, we came up with the following solutions to turn his vision into reality.

Custom Buy Button Code

It was the initial solution that we worked out using a standalone JS code. Once the merchant embeds this code, a buy now option will display with the products. Users who wish to buy can click on that button, and it will redirect them to the client’s custom shopping cart where they can place the order.

Integration with Stripe

The next challenge was to facilitate the payments using the buy button we created. To make it happen, we integrated stripe as a payment gateway so that the users can complete the purchases on the checkout page to which our custom Buy button redirects them.

Buy Button for Shopify Stores

The client noticed that most of the new merchants who approach to use his solution were operating on the Shopify platform. The existing buy button code was good but was failing to match the user experience that Shopify stores are known to deliver.

To overcome this challenge, we decided to build a custom Shopify buy button exclusive for the Shopify stores. We also worked out a few improvements on the initial Buy Button to match the UX standards of Shopify.

Customizing the look and feel of the cart

Our team decided to transform the look and feel of the shopping cart to which users are redirected after hitting the Buy Now button. We changed everything from its structure and color combinations to ensure that users get the same experience that they get on the default shopping cart of Shopify.

Custom app for Shopify Store

The idea of a custom Shopify buy button turned out so well for the client that he decided to build a custom app facilitating seamless integration of his shopping cart solution with Shopify stores. Now any Shopify store can integrate this app to sell alcoholic products online.

Final Words

These were some of the features and abilities to empower the online stores that wish to sell alcohol products without worrying about non-compliance with rules and regulations imposed in different states/regions. If you want to develop similar apps and plugins for eCommerce businesses, our team can help turn your idea into a real-world solution.

Client’s Feedback



The Brihaspati Infotech team was a real pleasure to deal with. They were terrific from the outset of conversations through project delivery and were always punctual with timelines and helpful suggestions. Hearty thanks to Pawan, who managed my project very professionally.

Adi P

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