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Project Goal

The internet has revolutionized the way we conduct business. Integration of an online booking platform is a must for any sport.

Our client is in charge of booking sports facility centers throughout the region and beyond. The majority of the reservations were taken over the phone. The client had to double-check all reservations for that day, confirm the booking, and double-check the availability with the personnel.

Handling all of the reservations by hand is undoubtedly a difficult task. The client wanted to handle all the sports venues, courts, and bookings from one location. 

Therefore, he approached our development to create a custom application for the online booking of sports facilities.


After understanding the completed requirements of the client, our development team started the work to develop a custom sports booking portal. We chose Laravel because of its exceptional ability to create stand-alone applications.

Our PHP expertise transformed the client’s basic website into a full-fledged booking platform with all of the necessary features.

✔️ Easy to Book  

With a tailored calendar properly aligned for online booking, our sports facility booking platform bridges this gap. Customers can look for a sports venue as well as the type of court they want.

The built-in search engine selects the appropriate facility centre as well as the appropriate playing fields. Sports fans can also modify their search criteria by selecting various categories from the search page’s left side.

Customers can plan their bookings on the portal as a result of the searches. They need to choose a date from the calendar, a time slot, and the number of athletes.

The best aspect of creating a custom sports facility booking platform is that it alters your current infrastructure quickly. We used the same procedure with the client’s website. While the integration allowed sports teams to reserve courts in advance, it also made it easier for Sportsplex owners and facility booking companies to communicate.

✔️ Owners of venues have their own dashboard

Both parties have their dashboards in our proprietary sports facility booking platform. The venue owner takes on the role of administrator, while the appointment booking agency takes on the role of super administrator.

The agencies have complete control over the business, which is represented on their dashboard. They have control over the sports complex administrators who report to them and the number of courts listed on the platform.

The dashboard displays the facility owner’s name, email address, and the number of reservations that have been made at their locations. The number of courts in each sports complex is indicated by the Object. The sports center’s categories can be managed similarly by the business owner. They can add as many categories as they want, as well as their pictures and icons. 

✔️ Reservation Management  

When numerous parties are involved in a booking, the reservations are more likely to clash. The super admin has complete control over the bookings thanks to our own sports venue management platform development. 

The custom application sends a confirmation to the super admin and the Court every time a customer adds a schedule. The owner of the business can approve or reject inquiries with a few simple clicks.

To confirm the reservation, our platform provides a Submit button next to the pending reservations. With the Undo button, the business owner can also reject them straight away.

✔️ Managing the Listings of Sports Venues  

️The platform gives you complete control over your listings. The sports facility owners may control whatever the clients would like to know before the booking, from posting photographs of their courts to addresses and opening hours. 

The dashboard has created fields that makes easy to add anything they want to show off their services. Under categories, the objects are placed which are managed by the business owner.

✔️ Time Slot Management

With the sports venue booking platform, the client was relieved because users can find the opening hours from the portal. The centre owners can customize the time slots to meet the specific needs. The changes are reflected directly on the site. The custom platform saves time in managing all the centres.

Final Words

So this is about the custom sports booking software which helped the client in managing the sports venues, bookings, and courts from one location. You can hire our custom web development experts if your company uses a sophisticated Role-based architecture and wants to automate it.

Client’s Feedback


“Good communication, approach to the project was good,  proactive in recommendations, very cooperative. Highly recommended.”

Tomasz Rzadkiewicz, Owner

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