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Project Goal

Ignoring influencer marketing strategies is not a wise idea for any eCommerce website. Though there is an old-school practice of approaching celebrities for it, every eCommerce business can’t afford it. We needed to develop a solution to enable eCommerce stores to benefit from influencer marketing using the reach of their customers.

Our role in our client’s success story was to develop a SAAS tool that helps to add a custom field to capture Instagram handles on any form used to capture emails or phone numbers of the customers. We also successfully integrated popular marketing automation platforms with our custom-built SAAS platform.


✔️ A SAAS tool to convert customers into influencers

The online stores were missing the huge opportunity to harness the power of customer-focused influencer marketing for their businesses. So we created a SAAS tool that can provide an option to capture the Instagram handles of the customers with insights about their reach.

Whenever any eCommerce store integrates Gatsby, it provides an additional field on pop-up forms to enter the Instagram handles. You can see how this option displays on the targeted forms in the below image.

✔️ Enabling the tool to identify Instagram handles with potential.

The data collected using Gatsby was meaningless without an effective way to analyze profile metrics. We created a custom dashboard so that it becomes easy for the website owners to identify the profiles capable of making any difference. It enables the merchants to pick up the most suitable profiles and invite them to become an influencer for his brand.

The dashboard created by our developing team was capable of providing the following information:-

  • The number of followers on each Instagram handle.
  • The number of people followed by each Instagram handle.
  • The number of posts by a user on his profile.
  • A scoring system to identify the profiles with potential.
  • Email and Bio of the users who provide information about their handles.

✔️ Tracking the reach of the Instagram posts mentioning the brand name

We helped Gatsby develop a custom feature to help merchants see and analyze the reach of posts where customers mention their brand. We integrated the abilities to capture the metrics like the number of likes, comments, and engagement of every such Instagram post.

Another thing that we worked out was communicating this information to the rest of the technologies like Klaviyo or Gorgias. It enables the merchants to see these metrics on the dashboard of these technologies too.

✔️ Tracking the engagement rate metrics of the influencers

The eCommerce stores have to offer rewards or discounts to the customers engaging themselves in influencer marketing. It made it vital to keep track of the engagement rates. We offered a custom feature to provide the metrics about engagements.

✔️ Enabling the integration with Marketing Automation Platforms

Though the tool was efficient enough to capture and demonstrate the data generated through Instagram engagement by customers, we needed to find a solution to integrate it with popular marketing automation platforms.

Though the tool was efficient enough to capture and demonstrate the data generated through Instagram engagement by customers, we needed to find a solution to integrate it with popular marketing automation platforms.

Over these years, we facilitated the integration of Gatsby with more than twenty-five different apps and web services. We are constantly working to enable the integration of this SAAS tool with all popular platforms that are yet to join the list.

The goal behind it is to enable the merchants to see the data on the dashboards of these automation platforms so that they can send emails, promotions, or messages to potential influencers.

✔️ Integrating payments to facilitate different subscription plans

Our team worked on providing four different subscription plans for this SAAS tool. The plans are designed after careful consideration of the needs of different eCommerce websites. We integrated the Shopify payments to facilitate the payment made by users while buying any of the four subscriptions plans available for Gatsby.

✔️ Providing ongoing maintenance

Our team is helping with the ongoing maintenance of this tool and help the client to add new features to Gatsby at regular intervals. We make sure that this tool remains free from bugs or problems while ensuring the latest safety features to protect the valuable data of the customers that it captures alongside the various marketing automation tools on eCommerce stores.

✔️ Final words

During our years of relationship with the client, we have become important members of the whole Gatsby team and always helped them to find effective solutions to implement the ideas that strike their minds. We are working with them continuously to develop Gatsby into the world’s leading influencer marketing platform for eCommerce businesses.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and seasoned partner to develop similar solutions, you can get in touch with our team today to work out the most effective solution for it.

Client’s Feedback


“Hard working team. Talented. Great attitude! Awesome experience … highly recommend!”

Brett Bernstein
Founder & CEO- Gatsby

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