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Project Goal

Whether it’s a workplace accident or disruption of services, unexpected events can cause severe losses to any business. Thankfully, technology can help you with digital solutions to overcome the impacts of such unexpected incidents.

Our team had a chance to work with a client looking for an Enterprise-grade SaaS solution for digitizing the management and mitigation of such risks for financial institutions.

The idea was to create a solution that can Identify, Analyze, Address, and Monitor incidents and risks associated with third-party service providers.


There were many vital considerations before kick-starting the project. Apart from the right technology, we need to brainstorm on aspects like UI design, architecture, and third-party integrations for this software.

Let’s find out how our team executed the project to make this software a hit right from the start.

Finalizing the UI Design and Architecture

A well-thought user interface and software architecture was a crucial element for the success of this project. Initially, the client shared a rough wireframe for his expectations from UI/UX design and our experts improvised on it to make it even better.

Apart from it, we also worked on finalizing the software architecture and other crucial elements to create a solid foundation for building this incident management solution for financial institutions.

Third-party Integrations To Achieve Desired Functionalities

The solution needs to be equipped with custom functionalities to identify, map, and manage the risks. Check out some custom integrations we did to accommodate the desired functionalities:-

  • Integration of Chatify Messenger Plugin for secure communications.
  • Full Calendar Plugin with source code from GitHub for calendar functionality.
  • Integration with S3 Bucket for storing documents uploaded by users.
  • Integration of Twilio for SMS functionality in the software.
  • PayPal integration to facilitate payments for subscription plans.
  • Integration with DocuSign for digital signatures on documents.

Features To Facilitate the Client as Admin

Though the solution was for Financial institutions, third-party service providers, and federal regulators, we can’t ignore the client’s perspective.

To ensure that client can manage his solution effectively, we offered a separate super admin dashboard equipped with the following features:-

Option to add/modify the details of Organizations.

Being an admin of this SaaS solution, the client needs to add parties like finance institutions, third-party service providers, and sub-contractor companies.

To simplify, we provided a convenient option to add a new organization or modify details of the existing financial institutes listed with his software.

Add/modify user roles & permissions of users

This feature was meant to manage the individuals/agents from the finance institutions, subcontractors, and service provider companies.

The Admin can change the permissions, roles, and profile information using this option.

Manage Relationships between Institutes and Service Providers

The Admin has an option to manage the relationships between different parties and individuals using the solution.

The aim was to ensure that information flows to the right individuals/organizations for effective resolutions.

Option to Facilitate Administrative documentation

Financial institutions and third-party service providers can face trouble if the documentation is not as per regulatory standards.

We integrated an option that allows the Admin to update the templates and guidelines for administrative documentation.

Features of Service Provider and Customer Dashboard

The next crucial thing was to devise a dashboard for customers(financial institutes) and third-party service providers.

We need to integrate all the vital functionalities to facilitate efficient risk management, document sharing, and communication between the parties involved.

Incident Management

Effective incident management features were the soul of the whole SaaS solution, so it demanded robust features to manage the associated incidents and risks.

We need to help financial institutions identify, map, manage and mitigate the risks while outsourcing dependencies from third-party service providers.

Our team provided a separate incident management dashboard so that customers and service providers can report the incidents, have access to the Incident management Knowledge Base, and can go through communications and chats concerning similar incidents that happened in the past.

Relationship Management

The next big thing was managing the relations between the customers from financial institutions with third-party service providers and subcontractors.

Our developers empowered customers and service providers with features to create relationships for risk management and incident reporting.

They have access to send relationship invites using the contact number or email ID of the concerned people. Apart from managing these relationships, they also have access to contact info, documents, calendar, and communications that happened earlier.

Managing Documentations

Effective incident management involves a lot of documents, and delays in the availability of such documents can have devastating results.

Documentation is a two-way process, so we provided an option that helped both customers and service providers to upload, share, manage, and export documents with just a click using the S3 Bucket integration.

Quick communications with Live chat feature

Quick communications during incident management are crucial for effective risk handling. A live chat feature was the need of the hour to make this SaaS solution stand out from its other counterparts.

We integrated Chatify with our software so that customers and service providers can indulge in live chat to keep conversations and action in one place.

Integration Of Digital Signature

Validation of authenticity and integrity of the digital document is essential when dealing with financial services.

To ensure it, we integrated DocuSign to prevent tampering and impersonation in digital communications. The users have access to sending documents to respective parties to get their signatures digitally.

Final Words

These were some of the significant features of the SaaS solution we developed for incident management in financial institutions. It was a great experience for our team, and most importantly, the client was fully satisfied with his SaaS solution.

Though this software was exclusively for financial institutions, this doesn’t mean that we can’t help you build similar solutions for other industry verticals. If reading this portfolio incites an idea to build a similar solution for your business, we are just a click away from you!

Client’s Feedback



I am delighted with their excellent understanding of user expectations from our Incident management software. Would recommend TBI as a valued and trustworthy technology partner.

Scott D. Forest

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