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Project Goal

Working on yourself is one of the best things to make your life better. Though there are many ways to do it, we met an innovative client with a requirement to build a mobile application to promote self-manifestation. The whole idea was to use the law of attraction to keep the users focused on their life goals.

The client wanted to build this app for the iOS platform, so the first goal was to decide on the most suitable technology stack. Apart from the features like Goal setting, and Reminders, he also had some unique requirements for this manifestation app.


Once we got the complete requirements from the client, we made a detailed analysis of the options in hand to build this app. We finally agreed to create the app using Swift as it is one of the most tested and tried technologies to build robust iOS apps.

Our team also used Laravel to facilitate complex features by creating a PHP backend for the app. Below are some of the solutions we worked on for this app to match the client’s expectations.

✔️ A Splash screen for the perfect first impression

Being acquainted with the mobile app industry for more than a decade, our experts know that first impressions have great relevance for the success of any app or website. We decided to offer a Splash screen to turn the waiting time for opening the app into an interactive experience for the user.

We designed a curated Slash screen to set the tone for the rest of the UX while making a positive early experience.

✔️ Custom Onboarding Process

The client asked us to create a customized onboarding process where the user selects the predefined categories. after signing in or registering on the app.

After choosing the preferred category the app will prompt the users to set the alarm for reminders to practice at the preferred times.

Custom Onboarding Process

✔️ Category based and custom daily rituals

Once the user chooses the category after logging into the app, he gets a welcome message and the option to start the ritual. The daily rituals need to commence and end with four steps.

  • Step 1 – Once the user starts the ritual, we get a screen with background music related to his practice. This screen will stay for seventy seconds, and music will continue to play during this time. Once seventy seconds are up, the user will go to the next step.
  • Step 2 – Once the user reaches the second step, the voice-over is triggered, and the user gets the suggestions from the goal category. The background music will continue to play on this step too.
    Users select the options they wish to add to the journal from voiceovers that appear on their screens.
  • Step 3 – On the third step, the music continues to pay for 40 seconds with the banner image corresponding to the selected goals. All the category-based affirmations will be selected from the affirmations library on a random basis.
  • Step 4 – In the next step, the music will continue for 60 seconds more with an image of your goal. The image can be default or a custom image uploaded by the users.

Once step four is complete, the app will take the users to the next page where the animation will appear to acknowledge the ritual’s completion.

✔️ Vision Board to customize daily rituals.

The categories users select during the sign-up flow will reflect on a vision board. You can understand it well by having a look at the below image. If the user doesn’t select any category on signing up, this board will show all six default categories.

Once the user clicks on the category, the app redirects him to the next screen where he sees or uploads the images based on the selected category. There is one additional screen to display the emotions based on the categorization.

Vision Board

✔️ Rise tab for reminders about Rituals

We added an in-app alarm clock so that the application can send reminders. Users can set alarms for reminders to start the practice, and once the user pauses the alarm, a pop-up will appear with an option for starting practice with just a click.

Student Community

✔️ Customized user account page

We needed to provide a custom user account page that can be accessed by clicking on the user’s image on the home page. This page also displays the following things:-

  • Total – How many times a user has completed the daily practice
  • Streaks – How many days a user has completed the daily practice
  • Minutes – How many minutes a user has spent on daily practice

Customized user account page

The user account page will also display the gratitude journal. The purpose of this journal is to display the daily practice that the user chooses. The premium users also have an option to download the ritual for offline mode, and the practice will display on the user profile page itself.

✔️ Premium wall for paid subscriptions

We customized the premium wall to get paid subscriptions for the application. When the user clicks on the options like download ritual, access affirmations, goal settings, and gratitude journal, the premium wall will pop up.

Premium wall for paid subscriptions

Final Words

These were some insights about the Manifestation app developed by our team. The expertise and out-of-the-box thinking of our iOS development team help to provide exact results to the client.

If you wish to build an app with innovative ideas in your mind, our team can help you nurture your ideas into a full-fledged mobile application.

Client’s Feedback


“Work completed very well and app has been approved on the App store. Will hire again for further updates.
Highly recommend.”

Lykke Littorin, Ritually AB

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