Multi-storefront Platform for Speciality Products

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  • Migration / Upgrades
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Project Goal

The client approached us to set up a multi-store eCommerce website to target the different consumer segments using the same platform.

He admires our capabilities to come up with innovative solutions for every concern. We assisted him with a variety of things ranging from the creation of the new Magento 2 theme, maintaining the website’s structure, and providing ongoing support for scaling the client’s eCommerce business.


After discussing and understanding the concerns and requirements of the client we worked out the following solutions for him:

✔️ Setting up the Magento Multi-store to Multiply sales

We created four stores on a single website for him to showcase different products on each of them. Below are some benefits that we targeted for our client with multi-store functionality.

  • Ease to manage the customer accounts on multiple stores.
  • Making the process of website management easy for the client.
  • Enabling the client to manage different categories and catalog structures on multiple stores.
  • Maintaining the brand identity in multiple stores simultaneously.
  • Unified support for payment gateways and third-party extensions on multiple stores.
  • Retaining the organic traffic of the website for minimal effects on the client’s business.

✔️ Customization of the product pages

We provided the following solutions while working on the product page customization:

  • A tailored quick view feature for viewing products.
  • A custom option to select the quantity and size of the products.
  • Tailoring the Cart button and providing an option to compare the products.

✔️ Customizing the extensions to match Brand Guidelines

To provide the functionalities that the client wants to offer on his website, we identified the relevant extensions for his website. We had to customize them to match the brand guidelines and desired user experience.

One of the best examples is the enhanced product sorting functionality that we offered to allow the users to sort the products using various parameters.

✔️ Maintaining the Search engine friendliness

Our client wanted to get the maximum share of his revenues from the organic traffic on the stores. It made us identify and work on all aspects of the search engine friendliness of the website.

Hundreds of pages, images, redirections, and URL structures needed consideration to achieve organic sales through SEO. To encounter this issue, we worked out the following solutions:

  • Maintaining the URL structures of all pages of the website.
  • Optimizing the speed of the website to match the latest SEO norms.
  • Optimizing the product images to increase the load time of the website.
  • Finding and eliminating every 404 error that emerged after the updates.
  • Updating the meta tags for each page on the website.

✔️ Migrating the website to Magento 2 platform

We have a serious concern about losing the organic traffic after the completion of the process. It could have turned into a major setback for the client’s business, but the following solutions from our team helped us to encounter the problem:

  • Creating a brand new Magento 2 theme while retaining the user experience of the previous version.
  • Finding and customizing the extensions as Magento 2 platform does not support the existing Magento 1 extensions.
  • Ensuring the flawless data transfer containing vital things such as customer accounts, orders, and much more.
  • Maintaining the URL structures of the website as per the earlier version.

✔️ Ongoing Maintenance of the website

Our team ensured that the website remained updated with the latest standards to avoid issues. Below are some of the roles that we perform while providing maintenance services to his eCommerce website:

  • Deploying the changes as per Magento Official instructions.
  • Updating the security patches regularly.
  • Performing regular maintenance audits to identify loopholes.
  • Keeping all applications/extensions up to date.

Final Words

Developing and maintaining multi-store eCommerce websites can become a challenging task. With years of experience in handling such websites and catering perfect solutions for Multi-store Magento websites, our team can assist you to reach the business goals in your mind.

If you are also running a multi-store website that needs support, custom functionalities, or migration to a better option, contact our team now to discuss your requirements. Our team can help you with migration to all major platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress, and many more.

Client’s Feedback


“Project delivered on time. Any queries were handled promptly. Communication was quick and concise. We’ve been happy with their work, we will definitely be using the again.”

Dean, Senior Sales Manager at A2z Stores

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