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Project Goal

Creating digital content is no more just a hobby these days. Content creators are using a variety of platforms to turn it into a money-making side hustle and even a full-time job. While there are millions of professional content creators, finding a platform with the right audience often becomes problematic.

Our Client was looking for a solution to facilitate sharing and monetizing digital content with the right target audience. He was willing to develop a social media platform that allows creators to share content with users and earn revenue from it.


Once we understood the Client’s expectations, we decided to kickstart the development of this content-sharing platform. Careful consideration of the app’s features was necessary to ensure its success in a real-world scenario.

We need to accommodate functionalities that should facilitate users, content creators, and the platform admin. So let’s walk through some crucial features we integrated to make it a success from the beginning.

Mock-Up Designs

The first big thing before starting the development was to decide on the design and UI features of the app. Our in-house UI/UX design team prepared Mock Ups to come up with unique and intuitive designs for approval by the Client.

Separate User-Specific Dashboards

The platform has three types of users – Content creators, app users, and admin/app owners. So, we created three separate dashboards. The objective was to provide the right dashboard with the right features to the right users.

  • Dashboard for Content creators
  • As the content was the soul of this whole platform, we provided a feature-rich and easy-to-use dashboard for creators willing to share and earn from their content. Apart from having the option to share free posts we provided an option that enables the creators to mark their posts/pictures as premium content.

    Custom Dashboard Content Creators

  • Dashboard for Visitors/Users
  • A user-friendly dashboard for visitors is another essential for a successful content-sharing platform. To ensure that users never face difficulties subscribing to their favorite content creators/posts, we provided a separate dashboard with user-specific features.

Custom Login/Sign-up Page

As mentioned above, this platform was for two different kinds of users. So, it was vital to identify the user’s nature right from the profile creation. To do that, we integrated two options with the sign-up page.

The user can choose whether he wants to pick up the role of the content creator or user willing to access the content at the time of creating his/her account.

Custom Login/Signup Page Design

Easy Content-Sharing Features

Whether the creator wants to share pictures or videos, he has an easy option to upload, share, schedule, and manage the content he wishes to share with the platform’s audience. The creators also have the option to set the prices for the premium content shared by them.

Content Sharing Features

Notification Updates

All three dashboards we discussed above were equipped with a feature that displays activity notifications related to concerned users. If it is the audience, they get notifications for new posts, promotions, and new creators joining the community.

The content creators get notifications for the new subscribers, total purchases, and other relevant activities related to them. Similarly, the client as admin will get notifications for new content creator profiles and more that matter for the smooth functioning of this platform.


Payment Gateway Integration

As the platform will facilitate the sale and purchase of content marked as premium, we used API to integrate the payment gateway. Now the users can add money or make payments using their account wallet.

Display Earning Details

As the platform was built to offer premium content, keeping track of earnings by content creators was also necessary. We integrated a feature that allows content creators to watch their earnings with just one click. Apart from it, creators can manage the following things using this feature:-

  • Payout Requests for earning withdrawals
  • Manage the account details to receive money

Earning Details

Chat Feature

The next noteworthy feature we added to this app was the ability to send messages for conversations between users and content creators. While this feature help the users connect and know their preferred content creators, it was also a playground for negotiation on the prices of premium content.

Chat Features

Final Words

These were some features of this content-sharing platform that reflects the deep understanding and abilities of our web development team. Apart from our skills, we also believe in detailed industry research for ideal features for such platforms.

If you are looking to build similar content-sharing or social media platforms, our team can help you with the right guidance and resources to turn your idea/vision into a fully functional solution withstanding the latest industry standards.

Client’s Feedback



A bucket-full of thanks to TBI’s team for creating this platform exactly how I wanted. Working with them was a very positive experience. I would recommend them!

Law. C

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