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Project Goal

Our client is a well-known painting contractor in his community, with over two decades of expertise in the profession. The client was seeking a means to provide a portal that could generate cost estimates directly on the website. In reality, there are several pre-built, completely functional software options that may help you estimate paint costs. But, they come at a high cost and often jeopardizes the stability of the website. 

Though, the client needs a custom-designed solution and services that convert the commercial website to a cost estimation portal.


We began our work after gaining a thorough grasp of the needs and the information related to the painting cost estimator portal from the client. We came up with a solid solution and were able to develop a new idea. Our development team developed a real-time calculation plugin on WordPress that considers the project input details for creating the final estimates for both the users and the contractors. The plugin divides the entire project into 5 simple steps:

  • Pick the Painting project
  • Add the number of rooms
  • Dimension of the room
  • Number of colors
  • Quality of paint

Therefore, we described the entire process with an example.

✔️ Type of painting project

We have designed our cost estimator plugin in such a way, that it meets the requirements of the client. In it, we have included the three paintings projects:

  • Interior Wall painting
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Exterior House painting

To give an easy understanding, we have explained the functionalities of the paint cost calculator plugin with an example of the interior wall painting.

✔️ Number of Rooms

️Next comes detailed information about the project. Each project type has its own set of options. For Kitchen Cabinet projects, the option changes depending on the state of the paints: whether they are yet to be painted, painted, or stained.

The total rooms to be painted will be requested for internal wall painting projects. The user can build as many rooms as they like, depending on their needs.

✔️ Dimension of the room

This step completes the project by adding more details. This stage is required for internal wall painting projects and requires information such as the room’s dimensions. The user can add the length, width, height, total number of windows and doors in the WordPress Plugin, where the plugin will calculate the approximate area that has to be painted. The phase calculates the amount of paint needed to finish the operation, thus assisting you in determining the accurate cost estimate.

✔️ Number of Colors

The painting contractor cost estimate plugin is equipped to take into account basic project changes. Users can, for example, look up the cost of a multi-colored wall painting. All they have to do now is enter the number of colors they want to utilize.

✔️ Quality of the paint 

Users can choose the quality of the paint brand as an additional cost component in the WordPress paint cost estimate. Users can choose their preferred paint quality and receive final estimates.

On the whole, the paint cost calculator plugin provides you an estimate quote that includes the cost of the project handled by the contractor and the cost of DIY projects.

Final Words

We found that our paint cost estimator plugin helped the clients in gaining more customers for his smooth platform. The plugin quickly transforms your business website into an appealing platform for calculating painting prices and the materials required to complete the job. If you also searching for similar solutions for your business then you can contact our WordPress developers now!

Client’s Feedback


“The team of TBI accomplished the job given to them and did a fantastic job. They communicated perfectly every single day and made sure to fix any issues that came up in a timely manner. I have every intention of working with them more in the future.”

Ryan Cunningham
Voice of DIY Painting Tips

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