Custom Sleep Tracking Android App

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Project Goal

️Tracking your sleep is good for your health. It helps you to improve your concentration, memory, and reaction time. Our client wanted the app to include a virtual sleep coach, which was in high demand. The client wanted the end-users to have a positive experience with the sleep monitor app, which included a user interface.

With this in mind, the client was eager to recruit our Android specialists. The team was on hand to assist. The goal was to provide more than just a useful sleep analyzer App for Android:

  • An app with UI
  • Insights into the sleep cycles that are more understandable
  • Add tips for Quality Sleep


After jotting down the needs of the client, we designed and developed a custom sleep Cycle App from the ground. From the UI designs to the special app settings, we designed every aspect of the Android app.

We created pixel-perfect wireframes for the app. Once the design was approved by the client we started converting the design to the app interface. 

✔️ Virtual Instructions For Good Sleep

The most important feature of the Android sleep monitor app is to offer instructions. The app’s capacity to add specific instructions for the user is expanded.  With the custom mobile app, the user can share his sleep experience, as well as behaviors that may be easily adopted.

The goal was to protect the user from all types of distractions. For the end-users, the guidelines lead to a successful sleep track.  The app asks the users to turn off their phone connectivity along with all the devices in the room that cause sound, and more.

✔️ Tracking Sleep

Intending to provide a good night’s sleep, we’ve tried to keep the time it takes to set up the tracking to a minimum. Once the instructions have been completed, the app begins tracking. Users do not need to search for options because they are already present and operational.

The user can, however, actively stop the tracking. For this, we’ve developed a dedicated button.

✔️ Graphical Insights

The most efficient and effective way to understand facts is through visualization. The app provides a visual representation of sleep and wake times. The custom sleep tracker app includes the following information:

  • Sleep and waking time
  • Total time spent on bed
  • Deep Sleep
  • Awake

With a datewise track, the custom sleep monitor app expands the insights for sleep times. Users can scroll through the dates to see how their sleep patterns have changed over time, as well as the days when they slept well and when they didn’t.

Final Words

We found that our custom-designed Sleep tracking Android app provided an excellent experience to the end-users. You can hire Android developers from us if you have a similar idea that no other app provides. 

Client’s Feedback


“Karamjeet and TBI team did a great job on the second release of our native Android application project. They contributed to all the stages of this phase – design, animation theme implementation, and new features development. The best thing about working with this team is that they’re fixing issues until you’re satisfied. Even those that seem to be device-specific. In addition, they’re great communicators and when you ask they provide their expert vision as for features we’ve been working on. One of the best teams I’ve been working with on Upwork for more than 10 years already. Thanks, Karamjeet and TBI for your great work!”

Anatol Lisenko
Product Manager at Consumer Smart LLC

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