Custom Social Media Mobile App for Music Ministry

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Project Goal

Social media networks enable you to engage with your customers, raise brand awareness, and improve leads and sales. Social media generates nearly twice the number of marketing leads. It has enormous growth potential.

The client holds the church and wanted the religious events to be noticed and attract a targeted audience. This is the reason that the client approached us for help.

The client wanted to have two separate mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. It was not an easy task, but our mobile development team took it as a challenge.


After grasping the specific terms of the client, we began our work to build a perfect solution for the users to share the religious programs, thoughts, and more.  Our designing team created a mock-up for the app and further developed the mobile application for both the platforms- Android and iOS.

Our development team used java and Swift programming language to enhance the user experience. We have added below mentioned features in the app:

  • Private Texting
  • Find User
  • Social Media Sharing

✔️ Profile Creation

Before becoming a member of the church social network, users must first register. They can use the app’s functionality by signing in with their Gmail accounts or Apple IDs (iOS users). It retrieves only the most basic information, such as the user’s name and profile image, to create a profile quickly.

While designing the private social network app for the church, our professionals put your privacy and security first.

✔️ Search User

To start a chat, users can use the search box to find the relevant profiles. It only requires the profile name. The custom mobile app does not request or reveal personal information such as your phone number or email address.

✔️ In-app Chat

Users of the app can send and receive SMS and media assets. It is a one-to-one chat window, and no other user, including the app admin, may see the conversation.

The functionality assures that app users can discuss anything and everything they want, as well as support for media files. Users have the option of attaching a saved photo from their phone or taking an immediate photo. 

✔️ Social Media Sharing

The app admin is exclusively responsible for the feed posts in the private Social Media app. They can upload media files or simply a quote to share with app users. In the profile editor screen for app-admin, there is a new option called Post Manager.

The administrator can either publish the post right away or schedule it for later. They can include the post/expiration date as well as the time. To keep track of the timetable, we’ve created a custom calendar and time clock.

However, the app users can share religious content on their Facebook feeds. The user can find the religious posts right on the app’s home screen. They can like, comment, and share the post.

Final Words

We found that our custom social media app helped the client in getting more gatherings for the upcoming religious programs and a large user base to listen to them. If you too feel that a similar app can help you in growing your audience then our development team can help you with the perfect solution.

Client’s Feedback


“Completely satisfied. All tasks were completed on schedule, and communications were great! There was a full understanding of what I was looking for, and they were very receptive to any scope changes that I had. 
Thank you for helping this app become a reality! – 5 stars”

Tj Hanes, Church owner

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