SAAS Platform Development for Creators – Laravel

  • Laravel / PHP
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Project Goal

A community app brings together all followers on a single, interactive platform that you have complete control over. It’s an excellent approach to boost member retention and engagement rates. Similarly, the client also wanted to develop a community App that brings viewers and content creators together. At this, the client looked out for a highly skilled development team who can help in getting such a platform.

Features of the Platform were:

  • Subscription for the premium content
  • Media Sharing feature
  • Live streaming options: where one user can broadcast live stream (real-time) to its multiple subscribers
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Real-time text-based chat implementation


To meet the client’s specific needs, our Laravel development team came up with the following services:

  • UI design mockups for the platform
  • Developed a custom responsive interface
  • Configuration of Amazon S3 for media content storage
  • Configuration of AWS EC2 for hosting of Creator subdomain
  • Social Media Integration
  • Live Streaming
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Third-party API Integration 

Our development team built three modules of consumer, creator, and admin.

✔️ Consumer  

Consumers could quickly sign up and log into the web application using social media or email addresses. We also implemented features like email authentication, form validation, and password reset to guarantee that the app is safe and easy to use. 

They can look for creators and view their profiles by searching for them. We provided features such as Like, Follow, Comment, Notification, and Live Feed. The consumer has to pay online to access the premium content of the creator they subscribed to. They can connect with the creator and admin for support through the internal messaging chat option.

✔️ Creator

This module has advanced features like premium content sharing, scheduling. The creator can post Images, text & video content. They also have the ability to schedule the posts for the future. Moreover, creators can set up personal subscription plans to collect payment for specific postings or combinations of posts. The nominal fee will be set by the creator for the subscriber to read the post.

We added the features like watermark images, image resizing and did video integration with Vimeo and S3 bucket integration. The creators can manage the list of subscribers and can block/ unblock from commenting.

✔️ Admin

The Admin module was designed to give our client access to the app’s administrative features. The admin can log in to their admin dashboard and can check the data of total registered users. Through the admin dashboard, they can check the total revenue aggregated for each creator.

The admin manages the list of messages. They can send reminders and promotional messages to the creators and the consumers. Moreover, the admin manages the registered users. They have the ability to view, edit, delete, add and update the status of the user. They can approve or reject the new account of the creator.

Through the dashboard, the admin reviews the content of the creator and has the ability to approve or reject the posts. They also manage the support tickets and messages received from the users. The admin can add, edit or delete the messages and tickets.

The payment of the premium content of the creator will be sent to the admin, who will deduct his commission before releasing the funds. The admin can add/delete/edit the commission value.

✔️ Payment Integration

We integrated a payment gateway API so that the admin gets the commission of each sale made by the creator. We integrated with for collecting payments.

✔️ API Integration

We implemented a live-streaming feature using opentok (Vonage) API where one user can broadcast real-time to its multiple subscribers, similar to Facebook Live. This was implemented using Node.js. We also implemented a live chatting option. Our team integrated the Zendesk API to manage the support ticket operations.

✔️ Finishing Remarks

Our delivered community SAAS platform is doing well. It is very popular and well used by its audiences. If your company needs similar community-based platform development services, get in touch with us. 

Client’s Feedback


“I’ve worked with Brihaspati many times now, and I’m always more than satisfied with their work! Highly recommended.”

Law Casey
COO, Red Gaint

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