Contactless Event Registration And Badge Printing: Web App Development

  • Laravel / PHP
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Project Goal

Every industry has been touched by the global pandemic. On-demand solutions have taken the role of traditional retail purchases. Physical gatherings are now subject to restrictions.

Our client wanted to provide a solution for local event organizers to assist them to manage contactless event registration efficiently. The basic requirements were as follows:

  • Event organizers can personalize the digital badges by adding logos relating to the event
  • A scannable barcode for attendees
  • Mobile phone-friendly digital badge
  • Attendees can even add a new attendee if they are unable to attend.


After getting a complete idea about the client’s requirement, our Laravel development team began to work. We added robust features in the custom contactless event registration solution.

✔️ Creating Event on Digital Badge Solution

In general, there are two types of users on the platform:

  • Business Owner- Super Admin
  • Event Organizer- Use the platform for managing

The organizers who are registered have access to a separate backend where they can build and administer their events. Organizers can start the event badge creation process by entering the event name, type, and date. The organizer can discover the scheduled conference in the events list once it has been added. 

✔️ Add Attendees as per different categories

Organizers can then introduce the different types of attendees to the event. To add attendees, the platform provides distinct fields for each group. To add a big number of attendees, the organizer can simply upload a CSV file with their information.

After that, the organizer can add the slot time for each session as well as the maximum number of guests allowed to each category.

✔️ Invite Attendees through a customizable email

Attendees at the events come from a variety of backgrounds. The organizers want to send separate emails to all the attendees from the same company. With our solution, the organizer does not have to write customized emails.

The categories created at the time of the event by the organizer provide pre-designed custom email templates. The attendee’s name, event details, and time slot are all dynamically tagged in the email templates.

The emails include tools for tracking the response that has been custom-designed. With a tap, consumers can accept the invitation. The organizer is informed if the receiver attends the event because it is centrally designed. The status of the invitation emails can be tracked by event organizers.

✔️ Send Reminder Email to unconfirmed Attendees

A one-time invitation is not always sufficient. You can keep track of all the invited participants, who have yet to confirm their attendance with my event badge generating software. They can receive reminder emails or referral emails from the organizers or super admins. The email templates can be modified at any time.

✔️ No-Contact scanning of digital badge

Our digital event badge solution allows them to design the badges to their preference. Organizers can toggle the fields on and off to enable them. The solution can be used if they only want the initial names on the badge. They do not want the nation name to be printed, therefore a toggle is used instead. The organizers can see the changes in real-time by using a real-time badge preview.

Our solution can bring about event badges with QR codes on a large scale. We utilized the Bar code generator library to add barcodes to bespoke event badges during the process. The attendees will receive digital badges in PDF or PNG format that are mobile-friendly.

✔️ Detail Monitoring of all Attendees

Creating an event badge digitally is beneficial in several ways. It not only speeds up but also aids in the tracking of participants. The contactless event registration platform is centrally built with on-site workers in the loop. The platform generates thorough reports about visitors who have physically attended the event.

Final Words

The client was happy with our custom SAAS development as it allows the owners to create customized plans for their business and provides complete freedom to position the brand logos as needed. If you are also seeking a similar solution for contactless event management, then you can hire our professional developers. 

Client’s Feedback


“I have worked with this team for over 4 years and have always found them to be extremely skilled and supportive. As is the case in any development project, there are the inevitable snags and bugs which impact on the delivery timeline. However, one should not judge a developer by the snags and bugs, but rather by the way in which they address and overcome them. This is the reason why I am happy to have them as my outsourced IT support team and will continue to do so for the foreseeable. I have every confidence in the quality of their work, their integrity and their willingness to work to my timelines and budgets. I have no negatives with them and would be delighted to act as a commercial reference for them should I be asked to do so. They are a good team to have on your side.”

Julian Temple
Founder – World Registration Systems Ltd

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