Video-Sharing Web App Development with Laravel

  • Laravel / PHP
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Project Goal

The client requested a media-sharing platform where multiple users can register and share videos and images with their followers. They also wanted users to be able to choose between public and private access to their media, giving them complete control over the display of their information.

  • Public content should be visible to all other users of the website.
  • Separate profile for users with name and picture.
  • Users can only see a private item of other users if that user has shared the link of that item with that particular user. 
  • Follow/Unfollow users.

However, establishing a platform that could handle high bandwidth, website load, and enormous volumes of data while also offering fluent responses was a challenge.


After understanding the complete requirement of the client, our development team started the process. For ease of use, the website required a structured, streamlined UI/UX flow as well as reliable backend functions.

Therefore, our development team used the Laravel framework to develop a real-time web application from scratch. To make the whole process time saving and hassle-free, we decided to distribute the access of this platform into two user roles:

  • User 
  • Admin

✔️ User

Every end-user on the platform can signup and log in using the Facebook or Google Account.  The key goal of this platform was to provide users with quick, interactive functionality while maintaining high security for their data and personal information.

This platform provides a separate profile to every user where they can post the content and filter them public or private. The users can enjoy the following features:

✔️ No advertisements on content

By using this platform, the user will be able to offer the content without any extra distractions. The absence of advertisements helps viewers to enjoy the final product. This Web application gives complete freedom to the users to showcase their professional work without any interruption.

✔️ Superb Quality

️This platform hosts the content of the users in the highest possible quality. The UI appears to be contemporary, sleek, and professional. WEBM, MOV, MP4, and MPEG are among the video formats supported by this platform.  The users can post the images in PNG, JPEG, JPG, and GIF format.

✔️ Secure Privacy Preferences

It provides the users a variety of privacy choices, including the ability to control who can see or access your posts. The platform’s advanced privacy controls provide content creators with the protection and peace of mind they need to provide a better user experience.

Users can mark the uploaded images/videos as public or private. Public content will be visible to all other users of the website. But, private content should not be visible to other users. Users can send the link of the private item to the particular user. 

✔️ Storage

Our development team made sure that the images and videos posted by multiple users are stored safely in AWS S3 Bucket. 

✔️ Customization

This platform provides the best viewing experience.  It allows the users to customize the look and edit the video information. While editing, the users can change their video as well as upload a new video.

✔️ Admin

The major goal of developing this module was to allow the client to keep track of the content and activity of their website’s visitors. We created a separate admin login for the client so that they could have secure and convenient access to the Admin Panel. The client can have complete retention over the user accounts through the Admin panel. They can also edit and delete the media files the users have submitted on the site. 

The admin can monitor the user engagement from the dashboard. They could quickly block any user and monitor their media content as well as platform interactions. The admin can manage the users, videos, and images posted by the user.

Apart from it, the Website has separate sections for video content and images with search options.

Final Words

One of the important aspects that led to the project’s success was TBI’s team’s demonstrated deep competence in WordPress. We’ve been working on similar technologies for a long time, and we were able to effectively complete this project to add a new milestone for TBI. 
If you’re seeking a cost-effective staff to assist you, contact us immediately to discuss your needs.

Client’s Feedback


“Excellent work and communication. Already planning my next project to work with them again. Very good.”

Nathan Feeser, Owner

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