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Project Goal

The freelance industry was one of the least affected industries even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The significant growth and success stories encourage many aspiring entrepreneurs to launch similar platforms.

One of our clients was also interested in building a similar platform to facilitate job seekers and recruiters. Our goal was to build it from scratch and equip it with features and functionalities that a robust freelance marketplace needs to succeed.


The first step we undertook for this project was deep market research for features and functionalities in trend for such freelance platforms. After getting hold of it, the next step was to choose the appropriate technologies for flawless performance.

We decided to build this platform using React JS for the frontend and Node JS and Electron JS for its backend.

Features for Job seekers

Resume Builder

Resumes play a significant role in showcasing expertise and landing the right jobs. We integrated a resume builder functionality to ensure that job seekers can have attractive resumes on the platform. The platform also offers a facility to add multiple resumes for applying to different jobs here.

Messages and Chat

The ability to message and chat with the contacts/connection was another significant feature we integrated into this platform. Job Seekers can engage in conversation with their connections and employers using these features. This functionality was available for the recruiters too.

Options to search relevant Jobs

The Job seekers were provided with enhanced search options to find the jobs that are relevant to their profiles. The search option was equipped with multiple search filters to find the most appropriate jobs to match the skills and qualifications of the job seekers.

Add, Manage and Synchronize Connections

Job seekers can add, manage and synchronize contacts from Gmail, outlook, and other options for a fast yet effective way to grow their network and gain good job referrals.

Features for Recruiters

Custom dashboard with rich insights

We provided a custom recruiter’s dashboard that provides an overview of recruitment funnel performance through the visual collection of data-driven metrics, KPIs, and reports for current projects and applicants.

Options to Manage Applicants

The platform was equipped with the ability to let recruiters manage job applicants efficiently. These features let the job recruiters select relevant candidates, and compare their skills, prices, and testimonials about their work.

Ability to search for workers

Getting hold of the workers who are most relevant for the job at hand was a critical factor for the credibility of this platform. To ensure that recruiters never face problems finding the right talent, we provided a feature that helps recruiters search and filter the job seekers according to the skills they require.

Ability to Manage Jobs

Our custom Upwork-like platform had robust features to assist the recruiters in managing the jobs posted on this portal. They can create tasks, post them and wait for responses. They can also manage the existing workforce hired through this platform.

Tracking and Scheduling

It was one of the most valuable features of a successful freelancing platform. We provided features capable of tracking the job progress, screenshot activity, and scheduling the tasks of workers from different locations conveniently.

Manage & disburse Payments

Payment management is yet another crucial feature of this platform. To ensure that recruiters never face problems while sending payments for executed jobs, we integrated Paypal and stripe payment gateway into this platform.

Time Tracker App

We integrated a custom time-tracking app into this platform for ensuring more accurate billing and productivity. The app can track the time spent on the jobs by taking snapshots from the worker’s screen and adding them to billing segments of work diaries.

Final Words

These were some features of our custom Upwork-like platform for job seekers and recruiters. If you also wish to build a similar platform to reap the advantages of the booming freelance industry, we are just a click away from making it happen.

Client’s Feedback



Working with The Brihaspati Infotech is easy. They have solved every technical challenge we have thrown at them effortlessly. I would highly recommend them.

Adam M

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