Magento 2 Migration for An Automobile Business

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  • 3rd Party Integrations

Project Goal

Our client was running a well-established eCommerce store for Automobiles using the Magento 1 platform. As Magento 1 ended its support, it became vital for the client to migrate his website to the latest Magento 2 platform. The client wants to maintain the look and feel as per the brand guidelines while creating a brand new store.

  • Migrate the products, customers, and orders to the new store.
  • Restore all the previous data.
  • Upkeep the APIs

Understanding the need of the hour, the client contacted Magento development team and discussed his requirements, and after understanding them well, our team took up this challenging task to create another success story for TBI.


After evaluating our options, the team came up with the below solutions for the accomplishment of this project:

✔️ Developing an entirely new theme

As it was not possible to use the existing Magento 1 theme of the store, so we developed it from scratch. We matched the elements of user experience and ensured adherence to the brand guidelines. Apart from the existing features, we also worked on the new features that the client wanted in his new website. Sliders, product filters, best-selling section, and product categories were among a few of the features that we worked upon during this project.

✔️ Customising the store sections

The client also wanted a customized look for sections such as store categories. After discussing the store section customization needs with the client, we applied the best methodologies to inculcate those changes as per his desire. Below is an example of how we customized the store categories to narrow down the user’s search.

✔️ Customising the third party extensions

As most of the third-party extensions that work on Magento 1 stores are not compatible with Magento 2, we have to look for substitutes that can help us get similar features. Apart from finding those substitutes, our team also customized them. The purpose was to match the look, feel, and requirements of the store. Below is an example of one of the custom extensions that we customized for enhancing the user experience.

✔️ Product Comparison

Product comparison is one of the most prominent features that you can find on any popular eCommerce store. The client wanted to have this feature on his website so, we added a custom page where users can compare two products easily. Have a look at the below picture to get an idea of how this page looks on the website.

✔️ Narrowing the search using Year, Make, Model and Trim Filter

We added a custom functionality to the website that allows the users to narrow their search by selecting the Year of manufacturing, make, and model of their vehicles. Once the user selects these details, the website will display the products and accessories most relevant for them.

✔️ Data Transfer

As we mentioned earlier also that store has thousands of products, users, and orders that need a transfer to the new Magento 2 platform. We ensured to not lose even a single piece of data during the process. Losing the data is not an option in this project as it can affect the client’s business. We took the backups and transferred all the data to the new platform effectively.

Final Words

Undertaking the migration of an eCommerce store to a new platform is a complicated task. There are enough chances to end up losing data and user experience during this process. As we are working on such technologies for many years, we successfully delivered this project to add a new milestone for TBI. If you are also looking for a competitive team to help you with store migration, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today.

Client’s Feedback


“Excellent service and dedication to work, they were always ready to help and support above and beyond the contract. I have been working with them for many years now and the work was always done to perfection. I highly recommend their team at taking great care of your business with high responsibility and dedication.”

Elie Kattar, Xtreme 4×4 High Performance Products

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