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Project Goal

Our client was running an eCommerce store for a business dealing with forklift sales, parts, service, rentals, and financing. The store was using the Magento 1.9 technology, and the client wanted us to migrate his store to the WooCommerce platform.

Though Migrating and upgrading the eCommerce store is among our core specialties, A huge product inventory of clients was a significant challenge in the migration process. Let’s overview the solutions that we provided to deliver this project successfully.


After understanding the exact requirements of the client, we formulated a concrete action plan to complete the project. The idea was to conduct a secure migration and add some custom functionalities to promote a buying appeal on his eCommerce store.

✔️ Migrating store from Magento to WooCommerce

The primary task at hand during the project was to migrate the complete product range to WooCommerce. Though we had an option of manual migration, we decided to use Cart2Cart Magento to WooCommerce migration plugin to meet the tight deadlines.

✔️ Exporting more than 20000 products

A huge product catalog in the existing store was a serious concern during the project. More than 20,000 products can daunt any migration expert due to the complexities involved in the process. However, our expert did it successfully with zero data loss in transition.

✔️ Customized Home Page for enhanced UI

The existing store doesn’t have a good user interface, and the client wanted a makeover to match the users’ expectations. We tailored the home page to offer a convenient way to find the latest promotions and the right product categories. Rather than browsing the long list of categories, Users can visit the preferred categories with just a click.

✔️ Featured product section

We decided to add the custom sections displaying the featured product on the store. The objective was to ensure that customers can know the best product offerings by the client on the home page of his store itself.

✔️ Update Product Quantity using Cart

To minimize the user journey while purchasing products in the client’s store, we added an option to update the product quantities in the shopping cart. Customers can update the number of units of each product and get the updated prices without visiting the product pages.

✔️ Implementing Multiple Payment Gateways

The next thing that our team implemented in the client’s store was multiple payment gateways. The earlier client only has an option to get payments using credit cards. We added PayPal as an option for users who don’t wish to make transactions using their credit cards.

Final Words

Though the project was quite complicated, especially, due to the huge number of products that we need to migrate safely, we were able to deliver it days before the agreed timelines.

Initially, the client only wanted a WooCommerce migration, but our expert highlighted the other concerns so that client can decide to overcome them. If you also wish to migrate your store to any new eCommerce platform, get in touch with our experts to make it happen soon.

Client’s Feedback


“We got exactly what we were looking for. I’m impressed by the high standards followed by the professionals working on my project. I would recommend their team to anyone looking for eCommerce store migrations.”

M. Pietrzak

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