A Browser Extension to Extract Relevant Promotions from Gmail

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Project Goal

Your Gmail inbox gets hundreds of promotional emails daily, but all of them are not relevant to you. Moreover, going through each promotional email one by one may consume a lot of time. If you check the promotional section of your Gmail inbox, there might be hundreds of emails that were never opened by you. You might be missing the great promotions that can help you save money on desired products and services.

Our client was working on a solution for it, and he contacted us to build a custom browser extension for Gmail. The chrome extension he desires should be capable of filtering the promotional emails according to preferences set by the users. The objective behind the idea was to provide access to the emails containing relevant promotions without even worrying to visit and search the mailbox.


After understanding the idea behind building this chrome extension and listing the functionalities we need to achieve, our Node JS development team kick-started the project. Though the extension seems quite simple, the reality was completely different. We need to consider the threats of data compromises and ensure that data do not export to third-party platforms.

The client was also concerned about the safety of the user’s emails, so we planned to extract the emails to the user’s local storage before accessing and proceeding with the filtering process. Let’s look at some of the noteworthy features of our custom browser extension solution for Gmail.

✔️ A Custom Dashboard to filter most relevant promotions

Users can use the custom dashboard to manage the preferences related to the notifications. The behind providing a dashboard was to enable the users to control the type of promotional emails they wish to fetch using our extension. We provided the users with options for setting interest type, sale percentage, and more.

✔️ Option to set preferences for Promotions

Our custom browser extension allows the users to set their preferences for promotions. They can set preferences for promotions based on sale percentage and discount. For example, if the user set the preference for promotions containing an 80% discount, the extension will filter all promotional emails containing discounts of 80% or more.

✔️ Notification for the filtered emails

Apart from filtering the most suitable promotional emails for the users, the extension also provided a complete overview of all emails under the promotion section of your Gmail inbox. The extension will notify you immediately once the offer matching your criteria lands in your inbox.

✔️ Google authentication for added security layer

We added a feature to use google authentication for the first-time installation. It was to ensure that clients get genuine users. We also ensured that our extension doesn’t access the folders other than the promotion section to protect the personal emails of the users.

✔️ Ability to parse the email attachments

We added a feature to parse the attachments that users receive in promotional emails. Our AI-powered extension not only breaks the banners into individual products and text sections but was capable of checking and matching them with set conditions too.

Final Words

These were some features that make our custom Gmail chrome extension stand out of crowd. Years of expertise and sheer professionalism helped our browser extension development team to match the requirements for the successful delivery of this project.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg, and we can help you do a lot more with tailored browser extensions matching your specific business needs. If you wish to offer plugins with such abilities, The Brihaspati Infotech is the right choice to turn it into a reality.

Client’s Feedback


“They performed in all aspects excellently. They have given well-appreciated discounts at various stages of the project and also with suggestions that saved cost.”


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