ChatBot with Futuristic Features

  • Software / SAAS
  • Laravel / PHP
  • Custom Plugins

Project Goal

Live chat software can turn into a powerful tool for timely customer support that boosts your brand. There is tremendous growth in several online platforms and apps using the live chat features. The third-party solutions may seem like great solutions, but you always have to compromise for functionalities.

Our client was not ready for such compromises and wanted to offer custom live chat widgets with some unique functionalities hard to find with any other live chat widgets that you may have seen. The project itself was a unique experience for our team as we are about to extend the functionalities of the chat widget beyond imagination.


After getting the complete details from the client, we decided to use Laravel to build his custom chat widget. The client had already shared a long list of unique functionalities with us, and our engineered applied their unmatched expertise to achieve them within tight deadlines. Below are some of the functionalities we added for admin and users of our client’s custom chat plugin.

✔️ Feature-rich custom Admin Dashboard

We provided a feature-rich custom admin dashboard so that our clients and businesses that will use this chat plugin can manage the whole process with ease. The admin can manage everything from the agents, chats, reports, and more using this robust dashboard.

✔️ Real Time and comprehensive Reporting

Reporting is a crucial element for staying on the winning path. To facilitate the reporting we provided options that let the users see overall data and real-time data in separate sections. The motive was to

✔️ Ability to manage agents with a particular skillset

The admin can manage the agents for customers with different queries. He can assign the particular skillsets or subjects to the agents so that the queries get forwarded to the right agents. The idea was to save time for both agents and the users having queries.

✔️ Set Languages and subjects for users

Admin can add and remove languages and subject options for the customers. The plugin will route the users to agents who speak their preferred languages, thus helping to improve their experience every they intact with businesses of the platforms using this plugin.

✔️ Option to route the queries to the right agents

We equipped the admin dashboard with the ability to display all the support agents with their skillsets and other details. The client can create the skillsets and assign them to the agents so they can get the right queries based on their expertise and skills.

✔️ Manage workload and assign tags to tickets

We provided an option to help the admin split the tickets to manage workloads. He can also limit the number of tickets a single agent can handle and what strength is required at a particular time point.

✔️ Option to manage layout and set automatic replies

We added an option that helps the online platform willing to use this chat plugin to modify the layout to match their brand guidelines. The dashboard was also equipped with the auto reply functionalities enabling the plugin to reply automatically to the common queries.

For the users

✔️ A chat widget with the ability to connect using social profiles

Unlike most of the other chat widgets, our custom plugin has abilities to connect the users through social profiles. We added this functionality to ensure that users can stay connected to the support team even after leaving the web pages on devices.

✔️ Ability to connect using audio and video calls

It was yet another uncommon functionality that we added to this plugin. The users can engage with support agents using video and audio call functionality available in the widget. It was meant to provide more convenience while getting solutions for their queries.

✔️ Connect with agents using different languages and skillsets

An unexceptional user experience was our primary target while creating this chat plugin. We provided an option that facilitates users to select the language and skillset before engaging with the support agents. It helped the users connect to the right agents to help them with their concerns.

Final Words

These were some of the features we added to our custom chat plugin. Working with this client was a great learning experience for your team, and we would love to work on similar ideas in the future.

If the idea of building such unique solutions to facilitate custom services in the eCommerce industry is brewing in your mind, let’s get in touch and turn it into a fully functional product.

Client’s Feedback


“It was such a smooth experience working with the Brihaspati team. They are always proactive in their approach and provide great technical solutions. We would love to hire them again.”

R. Isher

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