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Project Goal

Real estate has always been a lucrative business concept, be it anywhere around the Globe. Real estate agents leverage technology advancement to manage their day-to-day work. Realtors get a greater number of leads while sitting on their couches compared to manually contacting the properties.

The client is a trusted Real estate consultant who deals in conveyancing quote calculation and case management for customers who want to sell or buy a property.

He was looking for a web app that digitalizes the real-estate purchase-sell processes . Our goal was to create a portal where the admin can send instant quotes to users who are looking to purchase or sell their property.


After understanding the initial insights from the client, our development team came up with a robust solution and developed a web app with Vue.js and Strapi technology.

Let’s look at the functionalities integrated by our development team to make the client’s web app optimal.

✔️ We divided the process into two sections:

  • Admin Portal
  • Client Portal


✔️ Feature-rich Admin Dashboard

We delivered a feature-rich admin dashboard to give our client access to manage the whole real-estate sale purchase process with ease. This robust dashboard allows the admin to manage:

  • Client’s data: Admin will be able to check and manage the list of all the clients.
  • Add New Staff Members: The admin can add new staff members along with their complete details.
  • Assigning Staff members to Clients
  • Add & Manage the Legal Fee


✔️ Adding “Staff Section” Feature

Through this dashboard, the admin can add ‘ New Staff’ members and see existing staff members. Moreover, the Staff members can also be edited or deleted by the admin. In addition to this, the Admin can also assign staff members to various clients.

✔️ Assigning Staff Members to Clients

The admin assigns the staff members to the different clients for document completion for a particular sale or purchase case. The staff member can add notes if any documents are available from their client.

✔️ Manage ‘Legal Fee’ feature

The ‘legal fee’ feature is managed by the Admin from the back end. The admin can add different legal fees for a particular price range. Also, the legal fee form can be edited and deleted by the admin.


✔️ Client Portal

In the client portal, the user needs to complete identity verification by providing certain documents and signing those documents with digital signatures to proceed with the case.

✔️ “Quotation “ Feature

We have also added the instant quote feature in the app that allows the users to get a quote for the services related to property sale, purchase, or both.

Final Words

We found that our custom web app helped the client in gathering more customers for its real-estate services. Our client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and dedication of TBI’s development team.

If you are also looking to develop a similar web application for your business, you should get in touch with our experts today!

Client’s Feedback


Top-Notch work, responsibility with clear communication. I’m sure we will be working on many projects together.

Bora Oztunc

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