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Project Goal

Productivity is a term that defines how much an individual can accomplish their work every day. It plays a key role in one’s competitiveness and ability to thrive. The client was also looking for a similar solution. He wanted to develop a custom Chrome Extension that can track the everyday productivity of the people, and it was when he contacted our team for the first time.

Our goal was to create a chrome extension while accommodating a long list of requirements for specific features like the user can block certain websites during the task, add friends through email and send mystery box rewards, and much more.


After listing down the requirements of the client, we built a custom extension that can withstand the client’s needs. The extension created by our experts includes a wide range of features. When the user opens the extension after logging in, it will show a flame in the middle.

The user needs to maintain the flame by being productive to gain health points. If the user is not productive for a while, the flame dies over time. When the users maintains the flame, they gets one level for each week.


Once the user installs the extension and sign-in through the Google account, they can add friends who use the chrome extension by typing their email addresses into a search bar.

When these two people become friends, they can see each other’s profile details, levels, and other information. Friends can basically see each other’s flames’ health points.

When the flame of the user’s friend drops, the user will get the notification also. So, to motivate the friend, the user can send short sentences and a text box where they can enter his custom message to their friend. The user will get notifications regarding the status of their flame every time they level up.

The user can also delete the friend list and the status of their friend’s flame.


Apart from displaying the complete performance chart of the user’s productivity, we also provided a button where users can add their daily tasks to gain 1 Health Point.

The user can give a custom reward to their friends and to himself. Also, the user can join or create a group flame to assign the tasks to other users.

Mystery Box:

The extension also offers a mystery box that can be unlocked two times. The user can send it to their friends while viewing their profile. To unlock the mystery box, the user needs to complete the action defined by them.


The user can block the websites during timer mode. They will not be able to open the blocked site. For example, the user adds facebook.com to the block site. They will not be able to open the tab when the timer mode is on.

If the user tries to access it, a transparent black screen similar to the picture will appear on top of the blocked website.
When the user clicks on the “Give Up” button, the flame dies and loses 3 levels. The user can give up by clicking the flame again after they ignited it. It will show a pop-up to confirm the action.


The users can see the performance chart on the dashboard of their web app. We provided different chart components in the dashboard through which the user can monitor the daily health points status of the day. The users can check the productivity chart, like total reading and writing time, and check whether the productivity is consistent or not.

Final Words

Our considerable experience in developing chrome extensions allowed us to provide the best solution to meet the client’s needs. We are pleased to see how these features are assisting him in exceeding his company objectives by outperforming the majority of his competition. This extension is popular among its users because it allows them to track their health on a daily basis.

If you have any ideas, contact our chrome development team today. We will turn your concept into a fully functional browser extension.

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