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Project Goal

With education choices reaching a broad global scale, and the number of students keen to study abroad is increasing rapidly. One of our clients saw an opportunity in these trends and hired us to build a unique educational platform to connect prospective students and universities in Australia.

The goal was to build a platform where students can explore all Australian study options in one place and find the best-fit university/courses that match their needs, goals, or preferences. It also enables the universities to ensure their spotlight and approve student applications.


After a couple of sessions to understand the client’s expectations and technology options, we started building this platform to find, and enroll in the universities/colleges in Australia.

The idea was to help the students find the right colleges and courses in Australia and provide them with an easy option to apply for them online.

We also need to equip this platform with features that empower the staff from these colleges to manage student applications. Let’s explore some of the most significant features in detail:-

Features for students
Ability to search Institutes

The students can search institutes in all the states with robust search filters to land the best colleges to match their preferences. All they need is to enter the name of the institution or state, and the platform will display all relevant information within a blink.

Ability to search Courses

The platform also facilitates the students to find the colleges/universities by entering the course name. Once they enter the course name, the platform displays all the colleges/universities offering that course.

Option of applying for admissions online

It is one of the most vital features that most college/university finder platform lacks. We integrated a feature that helps the students to apply for courses with any partner universities/college.

Custom Login Page
Option to upload documents

Once the students find and select the institution, they can add the relevant documents to apply for admission. Once the students upload their documents, they can be checked and approved by staff from the respective institution.

Custom Login Page
Reward Program

We also integrated a reward program on the platform where students can earn cashback/rewards by completing the admission process using this platform or by referring someone to apply for admission using this portal.

Custom Login Page
Popular universities section

Everyone wants admission to the best colleges/universities to pursue higher education. With this in mind, we decided to add a popular institute section that displays the top colleges by region/courses so that students can compare top options.

Custom Login Page
Features for University Staff and Platform Admin
Ability to approve and reject applications

The dedicated staff from the colleges/universities listed on the portal have an access to the documents submitted by the students. They check and verify these documents to approve/disapprove the student applications for admission to their colleges.

Custom Login Page
Ability to Add universities/colleges

The client as a super admin was provided with a feature to add new universities/colleges or manage the ones already added on the platform. He also has the option to add staff from the listed institutions for reviewing and approving student applications.

Option to add rewards to student accounts

The client wanted a reward program to attract prospective students to his portal. So we provided this feature with an option to add the rewards manually to the student accounts on completion of the admission process or conversion through referrals sent by students.

Final Words

These were some crucial features that our team integrated into this platform to match the client’s expectations from this platform. We are happy that the client was satisfied with our work, and our hard work and skills helped in forging yet another long-term business relationship.

If the idea of building a similar platform where students can research colleges and courses to understand where they fit is clicking in your mind, our experts can guide and assist you in converting it into full-fledged solutions featuring robust functionalities to ensure its success.

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