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Project Goal

The digital transformation taking place these days is changing the various perspectives of our lives. We got an opportunity to collaborate with a client willing to develop a multi-platform on-demand religious preaching app.

The application was meant to structure Islamic studies with features like Connecting the people with some of the renowned religious scholars around the globe.

Our task was to develop this faith-based app from scratch and equip it with a subscription model and unique features behind the paywall.


As the client needs a multi-platform app, ReactNative was the first choice for our team. We know that many other technologies can help, but our team preferred it due to its unique advantages. After discussing the needs and getting initial insights from the client, we geared up for the end-to-end development of the client’s app.

The client was impressed with the suggestions by our team, and after approving the design and wireframe, he gave the green signal to start building his faith-based application. Though the requirements were a little complicated, our expertise helped us to deliver the app well before the timelines and with the following solutions:-

Live Video Sessions

To facilitate uninterrupted and detailed learning, we provided in-app video calling abilities. Students can ensure that there is no stone unturned by getting one-to-one video sessions with the teachers and experts on Islam.

If the user fails to join the live sessions, he can access the studio-recorded version of that session shortly after completion of the live session on the app.

Multiple On-demand Courses

The client wanted to provide multiple courses to the students and users on his application. Our team provided an easy solution to add unlimited courses for the students while displaying the courses and modules in a highly interactive manner.

We divided the courses into different categories so that users can get the relevant courses in a breeze.

Multiple On-demand Courses
Course Progress Tracking

It was important to track the progress of each user so that there should be no issues whilst completing the courses or modules. We included a custom feature to notify about the completion of pendency of the chapters or sessions included in the course.

Course Progress Tracking
Student Community

To facilitate the interactions and knowledge sharing by like-minded students, we provided a chat option where students can engage in productive interactions for an enhanced learning experience for their courses.

We provided a comment section under each lesson to enable the students to discuss the lessons and ask questions about the course.

Student Community
Curated Subscription Plans

We designed two tailor-made subscription plans for the students and users willing to take up courses using the client’s application. We designed a monthly and annual plan for the users as per the requirements shared by the client. Every user will be prompted to choose one of these plans at the time of registration on the application.

Student Community

Final Words

These were a few of the most significant features and solutions that we worked out for the educational mobile app of the client.

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If there’s an educational app idea brewing in your mind, our experts hold the complete expertise and competence to turn it into a reality.

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