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Project Goal

️The astonishing trend of using virtual clinics is rapidly gaining popularity where patients may directly contact their doctors. It is not an exaggeration to say that online consulting apps are transforming the healthcare industry’s future.

These applications enable individuals and doctors to benefit from technology by providing quick access and on-time consultation without any difficulties.

Therefore, our client also wanted to provide a medical consultancy platform with specific requirements. Therefore, the client looked for our help. The terms of the client are:

  • An app that allows users to search for doctors in their area based on their location. 
  • A video calling feature that connects doctors and users.
  • Ability to schedule a doctor’s appointment on a day and time that is convenient for the patient.


To meet the needs of the client, we built a medical consultancy app using React Native as the technology of choice. Our developers were able to achieve all of the functionalities desired by our valued client thanks to the freedom of being platform-independent.

Our development team has added robust features in the custom app:

✔️ Simple and Quick Registration

The initial step after installation is registration, which serves as a portal to services for both users and doctors. There is a separate registration process for users and doctors, where they must fill out all of the essential information to begin.

Users are taken through each stage of the registration process, which includes filling out their personal information and having it confirmed in simple steps. 

✔️ Locating Doctors and Scheduling an Appointment

After you’ve completed the registration process, you can immediately start searching for the specialists you’re looking for. This stage gives you access to the profiles of all the doctors in your area, allowing you to schedule an appointment. 

The welcome page also displays a list of prior and scheduled doctor appointments to assist you in keeping track of all of your appointments and timetables. 

✔️ Session Planning

After you have carefully chosen a doctor, you can schedule a video call with them. In this section, the user must select a time window and a convenient date. Users can book an appointment on three dates that suit their schedule.

Following the creation of the schedule, the doctor will confirm the time window for which they will be accessible and will contact the user for treatment and consultation as scheduled. We did this by integrating the react library for calendars and change the code for request sessions.

✔️ Video conferencing 

Users can use this app to connect with the doctor in a video call at a planned time once they’ve booked and confirmed their appointment. They will receive a reminder notification for their appointment at the appointed time.

It includes an in-built video calling feature that provides users with a secure connection, high-quality conversation, and no inconvenience.

Our development team used Twilio to achieve this out -of the box capability. It offers APIs to add features like audio and video calling, as well as messaging. We used their javascript-based Programmable video services to integrate video calling into our doctor’s appointment application.

✔️ Calendar Monitoring

We included an in-built calendar that displays all booked sessions as well as doctors. Users can also see the dates of canceled and requested sessions on this calendar.

They can use this to schedule a new appointment. This allows users to keep track of all their sessions and manage them more effectively. 

✔️ Notifications based on a single signal 

We used One Signal to send session reminders and updates. One signal is a mobile notification service that sends push notifications. We were able to create reminders for forthcoming sessions as well as updates for requested sessions using this method. This made it simple for users to keep track of their scheduled appointments.

Final Words

One of the most unique projects we have ever worked on was the Doctor’s Appointment app. And this platform included a range of unique and great features that enhanced its functionality and made it easier for consumers to get better healthcare. If you are also looking for similar healthcare apps then you can contact our expert Mobile app developers. 

Client’s Feedback


“Great team, awesome quality work. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for professional and responsive development professional.”

William Geronco
Founder- Cacele Digital

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