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Project Goal

BigCommerce has emerged as the stress reliever for online stores looking to expand and bring in the appropriate levels of clients and income. However, sometimes technical issues and bugs impact the company’s revenue and growth.

One of our clients had an online store selling electronic products such as batteries, chargers, toys, and many more. He noticed that his store was having problems with a mobile version; our goal was to identify and resolve the issue and make the store more responsive for better performance.

The client did not want to change the website’s architecture for any implementation. Therefore, that was another priority we had to focus on.


After analyzing the requirements, our team members applied their years of experience to successfully delivered these solutions to the client:

Fixed the slider and product pages

The slider feature on the homepage was working fine on the desktop, but it was not displaying and working on mobile phones, the same was happening with the product pages.

Another concern was appearing with product pages where the users were unable to click on the product images which was leading to a bad user experience. We solved this issue to ensure that the customers can flawlessly use this feature.

Optimized the images and text

The product images were not displaying properly in the mobile version and the text was very small which was not visible on the mobile’s display. The alt text was also missing from the linked images.

We effectively rectified this issue to improve the functionality of the website because it was also crucial from an SEO perspective.

Resolving the issues on the cart page

The difficulty that customers were having to add items to their shopping carts was directly affecting sales. However, even if they managed to add the items to the cart, they were unable to change the quantity or proceed to the payment page.

Our team recognized this issue and effectively resolved it to ensure it won’t hamper the sales from the mobile version.

Fixing the FAQ Page

Everyone wants a quick solution to their problems, which makes the FAQ section even more crucial. Where the admin can list the answers to frequently asked questions. It is a quick and time-saving solution for customers’ questions and issues.

The difficulty on the FAQ page appeared when clicking on the questions; it was not displaying the answers, and the question was not populating properly. We eliminated this issue so that customers can easily view the answers to their questions.

Solved mega menu issue

The client was facing trouble while adding the links to the mega menu for better navigation of the website. Though BigCommerce provides this feature to add different categories of products but it is still pretty complicated.

To make the process easy for our client, we add the sub-category levels to upload the products which can be easily managed.

Final Words

We are delighted that the client was happy with the outcome of this project and developed long-term business relations with our team.

If you are facing similar issues with your eCommerce store on any platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, or others, hiring our experienced team can help you encounter them effectively.

Client’s Feedback



““They communicated actively and completed the work fully. Fixed any problems that arose.”

Vez Voeun
eCommerce Operations Manager at Tenergy Corporation

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